Liz Minda 
Re: Addiction/Dependency

I read so many statements and opinions about the addiction of Cannabis/THC. In my plight to squash the stigma, the ignorance in these views astounds me in today’s day and age. How far have we really come in understanding about anything ingested or inhaled?
Just about everything is addictive if abused or used to excess. Look how alcohol, food, tobacco, opiates, heroin, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines and most pharmaceuticals impact addiction. Most are responsible for deadly outcomes. Those with a weakness for addiction/dependency, struggle with self-control if they even realize or care how quickly they are caught up in addiction.
Cannabis has been around for thousands of years. If we are not aware of its many uses recreationally and medicinally then we are in denial, ignorant or have lost touch with reality.
I have watched many fall prey to addiction through pharmaceuticals, tobacco, food, illicit drugs and alcohol that have caused many adverse effects including death, over the years in my family, and in my profession as a nurse.
NEVER have I seen or experienced these same outcomes with cannabis whether addicted or not. Cannabis on its own has never killed anyone. The outcomes for most are beneficial if done correctly. Everything in moderation. There will always be those with self-control issues. How and what the outcomes are, depending upon the substance, ie: malnutrition =obesity/anorexia/bulimia. Tattoos can be addictive. Excessive alcohol leads to alcoholism and a host of other issues. Tobacco causes cancer, opiates, and many other illicit drugs carry devastating results for many. If the pharmaceutical industry has their greedy way with cannabis, it will become another synthetic with the potential addictive properties that most other pharmaceuticals possess. What better studies are out there than the thousands of years it has been in existence and used by many and yet we are still here debating about its outcomes. When is the last time John/Jane Doe died from too much Cannabis consumption?
Leave it out of the pharmaceutical industry and many will benefit from its positive abilities as we have been doing for thousands of years!!!
Just my opinion….