Spotlight on CO2 Extraction

The purpose of CO 2 extraction is to remove from the cannabis plant its rich active

compounds. It is not the intention to have an extract full of chemical residual,

which could be potentially harmful.

During the extraction process, the resin is removed from the plant. Extraction is

used to get as many cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids as possible. They

provide the final effect, taste, and smell of the concentrate.

Extracts used for medicine is free of solvent residues. Just as important, mild operating

temperature ensures product stability and quality. Finally, product recovery is accomplished via a simple pressure reduction.

By the way, extraction of cannabis is a process, which people have used for

centuries. There are records of people using cannabis extractions dating back to the

year 900 in Arabia when it was used for tea, hash or tinctures.

CO2 extraction is important for the future because the process gives concentrate

makers the ability to isolate, capture and scientifically understand, not

just THC and CBD, but the more elusive cannabinoids like cannabichromene (CBC)

and cannabicitran (CBT).

In other words, CO2 extraction may be the key to understanding the hidden

medical benefits of the other, less known cannabinoids and how they work

together (a process that is known as the entourage effect) when the whole plant is used

as medicine.

The process of CO2 extraction is complicated and you may need to be a Chemist to

fully understand. However, everyone understands and can appreciate that “CO2

Extraction” is universally accepted, by the scientific community, as friendly and

fully recyclable. For more information about how Summit is using this process,

read further.