Tier 1:

1.0 $16.00

3.5 $57.75

7.0 $102.75

14.0 $191.95

28.4 $373.95

 Tier 2:

1.0 $12.50

3.5 $40.00

7.0 $80.00

14.0 $150.00

28.4 $290.00

 Tier 3:

1.0 $7.00

3.5 $25.00

7.0 $50.00

14.0 $100.00

Limit of 1/2oz. or Less on Tier 3 THC Flower


Tier 1
THC: 19.42%
Clementine x Purple Punch
Citrus, sweet and tropical aroma with a happy, uplifted and relaxed effect.
This strain may be good for: Stress, fatigue, depression, pain and headaches.


Tier 1
THC: 25.02%
Afghani #1 x Maui Haze
Sweet, earthy aroma with a happy, relaxing effect.
This strain may be good for: stress, pain, lack of appetite and headaches.

Ghost Train Haze

Tier 2
THC:  16.83%
Ghost OG X Neville’s Wreck

Sour citrus and floral armoa with an uplifting, happy and euphoric effect.
This strain may be good for: Pain, depression and loss of appetite.


Pie 95

Tier 2
THC: 16.95%
Cherry Pie X i95
Cherry, sweet and skunky aroma with a euphoric, happy, creative, relaxed and focused effect.
This strain may be good for: Pain, stress, depression, headaches and inflammation. 


Super Iced Grapefruit


Tier 2

THC: 18.71%
Diesel x Chronic x Skunk #1
Mild fruit/skunk aroma with a sedative effect.
This strain may be good for: Chronic pain, lack of appetite, depression, anxiety, and nausea.

Lemon Glue Stomper

Tier 2

THC: 18.96%
Lemon Thai x Chemdawg x Sour Diesel x Gorilla Glue
Lemon aroma with a happy, uplifted, and euphoric effect.
This strain may be good for: Pain, stress, lack of appetite and fatigue.


Mandarin Dream

Tier 2
THC: 19.31%
Stormtrooper #2 x Mandarin Sunset

Citrus aroma with a euphoric, relaxed and happy effect.
This strain may be good for: Depression, fatigue, pain, nausea and stress.

Purple Chem

Tier 2
THC:  21.89%
Chemdawg x Grandaddy Purp
Woody, grape aroma with a relaxed, euphoric, happy and uplifted effect.
This strain may be good for: Pain, stress, nausea, muscle spasms, and depression.


Sour Chiesel

Tier 3

THC: 17.68%
East Coast Sour Diesel x Cheese
Fruity, cheese aroma with euphoric, relaxing effect.
This strain may be good for: Stress, pain, depression and fatigue.

Magic Bullet

Tier 3 
THC: 2.60
CBD: 16.70%
Magic Bullet X Colorado Cherry
Earthy, sweet and pungent aroma with a relaxing effect
This strain may be good for: Pain, depression, nausea and stress.

THC Preroll: $11

Blue Dream (70s/30i) THC: 17.89%

Mad Dog (60s/40i) THC: 19.27%

Cornbread (20s/80i) THC: 23.36%

Charitable Preroll: $11

VIH (80s/20i) THC: 27.31%

CBD Preroll: $9

Comfort Zone CBD: 7.25% THC: 6.25%


Mini Prerolls: $25

Purple Wreck (40s/60i) THC: 20.63%

Critical Mass (20s/80i) THC: 7.31% CBD: 10.53%

Summit Symphony Cartridge $35

Pineapple Kush, Banana OG, Sour Diesel and Blueberry THC: 300mg

5’10 Thread

Limit 3 per Patient during limited supply

Vape Pen Kit $5



Summit Gold Cartridge $60

 Banana OG, Jack Herer THC: 600mg

5’10 Thread

Limit 3 per Patient during limited supply

Palm Battery $15



Summit Soother Stix $13

Pineapple Kush  CBD: 150mg

0.5 gram of Oil

Single Unit Disposable Vape Pen



CBD Capsules

 CBD: 10mg each – 60Pack – $40


CBD Capsules

 CBD: 25mg each – 30Pack – $48


THC Capsules

 THC: 20mg each – 2Pack – $12


Kief $35/gram

Summit Salad (50s/50i) THC: 38.87%


CCO $45/gram

Skywalker OG (30s/70i) THC: 51.40%

Concentrated Cannabis Oil for Cooking or Ingesting 


 Shatter $75/gram

Sour Diesel (70s/30i) THC: 71.47%

CO2 Extraction 


Ananda CBD Tincture $90

CBD: 1000mg (33mg/mL)

THC Free

 per 1oz. Bottle 

Non GMO, Alcohol Free



Howl’s Tincture

THC: Available in Daytime or Anytime

1oz Bottle THC: 210mg (7mg/1ml) $50

2oz. Bottle THC: 420mg (7mg/1ml) $75

CBD: Also Available in 10:1 and 1:1 Ratios (CBD:THC)

Avocado Oil based, 100% Organic




Summit Serum Tincture

THC: 300mg – $70

per 1oz. Bottle 

Alcohol Free, 100% Organic



Restore Ananda Cream $36

CBD: 300mg THC: 12.5mg

Restore: Ease muscle and joint pain, soothing comfort

 2 fl. oz. jar



Burn-Out Topical Mist $45

CBD: 250mg

Mary’s Nutritionals



Leaviate Salve $50

CBD: 200mg THC: 600mg

Daily Medicinal Topical

 2 fl. oz. jar



Transdermal Patch $10

CBD: 10mg  1 Patch

Mary’s Nutritionals



Chocolate Chip Cookie 

THC: 20mg – $5.50

THC: 40mg – $11

Sold Individually 



Canna Crispy $9

Fruity Pebbles w/ Marshmallows

THC: 30mg each

Sold Individually 



Brownies $11

Available in Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate

2 Pack THC: 20mg each




Zac & Ted’s Oral Spray

Available in 3mL Bottle

THC: 150mg – Peppermint – $22

CBD: 150mg – Cherry – $20 

1:1 THC:CBD: 150mg – Orange – $22


Bear Gummies:

40mg – Available as a 4 Pack

THC: 10mg EACH-$11


Summit Shooters $15

2 oz. Bottle THC: 50mg

Available in Orange and Fruit Punch


Star Gummies:

20mg – Available in a 4 Pack

THC: 5mg EACH-$5.50 


Summit Hard Candies

Available in 20mg or 40mg 4 Pack:

THC: 5mg each – $5.50 

THC: 10mg each-$11 (Available in CBD also)

Assorted Flavors



THC: 10mg – $3.00

THC: 20mg – $5.50 (Available in CBD also)

THC: 40mg – $11.00

Assorted Flavors, Sold Individually


Summit Honey – $15                   

2 oz. Jar THC: 50mg

 or Fruit Punch*Edibles