Tier 1:

1.0 $16.00

3.5 $57.75

7.0 $102.75

14.0 $191.95

28.4 $373.95

 Tier 2:

1.0 $12.50

3.5 $40.00

7.0 $80.00

14.0 $150.00

28.4 $290.00

 Tier 3:

1.0 $7.00

3.5 $25.00

7.0 $50.00

14.0 $100.00

Limit of 1/2oz. or Less on Tier 3 THC Flower


Tier 1
THC: 25.02%
Afghani #1 x Maui Haze
Sweet, earthy aroma with a happy, relaxing effect.
This strain may be good for: stress, pain, lack of appetite and headaches.

Skywalker OG

Tier 1
THC: 26.12%
Kosher Kush x The OG #18
Strong earthy, kush smell with a relaxed, happy effect.
This strain may be good for: Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, and Migraines

401 Headband

No Grams Available

Tier 2

THC: 14.10%
Sour Diesel x OG Kush
Lemon and diesel aroma with an uplifting and happy effect.
This strain may be good for: Stress, nausea, depression and headaches

Bubblegum Punch

1/2oz. Package Only

Tier 2
THC: 16.05%
Bubblegum x Unknown Indica
Sweet, berry aroma with a euphoric, happy and relaxed effect.
This strain may be good for: Depression, stress, pain and lack of appetite

Super Iced Grapefruit

Tier 2
THC: 16.86%
Diesel x Chronic x Skunk #1
Mild fruit, skunk aroma with a happy, sedative effect.
This strain may be good for: lack of appetite, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.


Tier 2

THC:  19.27%
Chem 91 x Skunk VA x SFV OG Kush
Earthy pine and citrus taste with an uplifting effect.
This strain may be good for: chronic pain, lack of appetite, depression and nausea.

Gorilla Glue

Tier 2

THC:  21.57%
Sour Dubb x Chem’s Sister
Pungent, earthy aroma with a relaxing effect.
This strain may be good for Pain, insomnia, stress and lack of appetite.


No Grams

Tier 2
THC: 17.03%  CBD: 1.15%
Afghani x African
Earthy, woody and nut aroma with a relaxed and happy effect.
This strain may be good for: Stress, pain, depression and inflammation

White Kush

Tier 2
THC: 20.03%
White Widow x OG Kush
Earthy, flowery aroma with a heavy, relaxed and sleepy effect.
This strain may be good for: Nausea, pain, insomnia, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder and lack of appetite.

Sour Chiesel

Tier 3 
THC: 17.68%
East Coast Sour Diesel x Cheese
Fruity, cheese aroma with a euphoric, relaxing effect.
This strain may be good for: Stress, pain, depression, and fatigue

Cannatonic X

Tier 3
THC: 0.98%
CBD: 13.94%
MK Ultra x G13 Haze 
Earthy, citrus aroma with a relaxed, happy, uplifting effect.
This strain may be good for: Pain, stress, inflammation, seizures, inflammation, depression and muscle spasms.

THC Preroll: $11

Ghost of Lee Roy (50s/50i) THC: 17.19%

Super Iced Grapefruit (40s/60i) THC: 16.86%

Zombie Kush (20s/80i) THC: 17.56%

CBD Preroll: $9

Critical Mass (20s/80i) THC: 7.31% CBD: 10.53%


Charitable Preroll: $11

Animal Cookies (50s/50i) THC: 17.22%


Mini Prerolls – 4 Pack $25

Sour Chiesel (60s/40i) THC: 17.68%

Summit Symphony Cartridge $35

 Jack Herer, Headband, Blueberry  THC: 300mg

Full Spectrum Oil

5’10 Thread


Summit Gold Cartridge $60

 Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, Banana OG, Blueberry  THC: 600mg

5’10 Thread


Jupiter 9 Magnetic Gold Cartridge $60

Headband THC: 600mg

Jupiter 9 Pen $20


Rosin $70/gram 

Gilz Nilz (70s/30i) THC: 72.02%

Scooby Snacks (50s/50i) THC: 68.13%


Summit Platinum Syringe $85/gram

THC: 86.02%


CO2 Shatter $75/gram

THC: 70.31%


CCO $45/gram

Sour Chiesel  THC: 51.62%

Concentrated Cannabis Oil for Cooking or Ingesting


CBD Capsules

CBD: 10mg 10 pack $8


THC Capsules

THC: 2 Pack – 20mg each  $12


Summit Synergy Cartridge $35

Banana OG 1:1 Ratio THC: 150mg CBD: 150mg


CBD Summit Soother Cartridge $20

Sour Diesel CBD: 300mg


Bubble $45/gram 

Sour Chiesel (60s/40i) THC: 40.61%

Gorilla Glue (40s/60i) THC: 48.03%


Kief $35/gram

Summit Salad THC: 38.87%


Sublingual Spray

THC: 150mg $22

CBD: 150mg $20

THC/CBD 1:1 Ratio: 150mg $22


Uplift Soothing Creme $36

CBD: 300mg

THC: 12.5mg


Certificate of Analysis for Restore and Uplift


Ananda Tincture $90

CBD: 1,000mg per 1oz bottle

CBD Hemp Tincture


Summit Serum Tincture $70

THC: 300 mg per 1oz bottle


Mary’s Transdermal Patch $10

CBD: 10mg/1 patch


Star Gummies:

Available in 20mg in a 4 Pack:

THC: 5mg EACH-$5.50 


Bear Gummies:

Available in 40mg in a 4 Pack:

10mg EACH-$11


Summit Shooters – $15                        

THC: 50mg

Grape, Fruit Punch or Orange


Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie

THC: 20mg – $5.50

Sold individually



Brownies $11

2 Pack THC: 20mg each 



Chocolate Dipped OREO 

THC: 20mg – $5.50

THC: 40mg – $11.00

Sold individually



Canna Crispy $9

Fruity Pebble

THC: 30mg





Summit Honey                        

THC: 50mg $15

2oz. Jar Recommended 5 Servings – 10mg each


Summit Hard Candies

Available in 20mg or 40mg 4 Pack:

5mg each – $5.50 

10mg each-$11 (Available in CBD also)



10mg – $3.00

20mg – $5.50

40mg – $11.00