Patient How to Guide

Start here if you are new to Summit.

Summit is excited to offer this educational and informative section to our website that will enhance the patients knowledge about medical cannabis and educate our members how to get the most out of our products, processes, and facility.

The purpose of this page is to create a space where patients can eventually refer back to through our archived items and familiarize themselves with Summit’s product, process and services. We will begin by highlighting the basics of how to read our menu when you enter the dispensary, and the differences of the flower category tier 1,2 or 3.

We will also be highlighting new products that we are launching along with existing product from our menu to give patients a better understanding and more detailed information about that particular product.


Let us start from the very beginning.

Once you have gone through the check in process at Summit and enter the dispensary, the first thing you will notice is the daily special for that particular day located on the TV screen directly in front of you.

It is important to stay connected with Summit through our email system, our text messages and also checking the monthly calendar which can either be picked up at the dispensary or for your convenience is on the front page of the website. You will find it highlighted with a button for that particular month. The calendar will feature the specials for that month indicating the daily specials we offer Monday through Saturday. By staying connected with Summit you will always know what is happening, what is on sale for that particular day and will be informed about special upcoming events.

The text message blasts go out a few times a month with a pop up flash sale. They can vary, and usually go out around 1pm, so be sure to watch for those specials.

There are also two other screens (above the workbench that you will find other printed information on) that list the daily specials for the entire week, along with announcements or new products.

Lets break down the Menu Boards.

Once you approach the counter you will see 3 screens in front of you.

Reading the flower menu (directly in front of you when you are standing at the counter) is broken down as follows. The first category is pricing for the 3 separate tiers. Pricing is listed above each tier along with quantities available for purchase.

Reading the flower menu (directly in front of you when you are standing at the counter) is broken down as follows. The first category is pricing for the 3 separate tiers. Pricing is listed above each tier along with quantities available for purchase.

Breaking down the Tiers

Tier 1 Flower is the highest quality flower or bud and may be priced accordingly. Watch for 10{a8a114054584091f731489c9021433cd0b776f9701b856e784dd21125ef173be} discount for this tier on the monthly calendar or daily specials.

Tier 2 Flower is better than average quality and usually has the most choices of various strains. Pricing for tier 2 is in between tier 1 and tier 3. Watch for 10{a8a114054584091f731489c9021433cd0b776f9701b856e784dd21125ef173be} off Tier 2 on monthly calendar or daily specials.

Tier 3 Flower is priced at the lowest price point for individuals who are financially challenged. The quality of tier 3 is very good and patients get a good bang for their buck . Additionally, Tier 3 will often have a lower THC percentage and higher CBD associated with it. As an additional service for our patients CBD strains are often categorized as Tier 3 strains, the most affordable price point.

The flower is broken down as follows: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid….what does it all mean?

Satiiva is typically used for more daytime use or is considered more uplifting and a “head high” for most individuals. Keep in mind that everyone’s chemistry makeup is unique and for some people, they could experience a complete opposite effect.

Indica is typically known as very relaxing, and more of a nighttime strain and most people experience more of a “body high”. Think of this strain as “in the couch” effect.
Once again, keep in mind this relaxed feeling is experienced by most individuals and some could have the opposite effect.

Hybrid is basically a combination of both sativa and indica strains. One could be more dominant in the hybrid strain such as 70{a8a114054584091f731489c9021433cd0b776f9701b856e784dd21125ef173be} sativa and 30{a8a114054584091f731489c9021433cd0b776f9701b856e784dd21125ef173be} indica, which would make it a sativa dominant strain. Most of the strains available today are hybrid strains.

Take a look at the image of the menu board below and notice the strains and numbers associated with each strain.

Example:Afghoo (40s/60i) ( 40 {a8a114054584091f731489c9021433cd0b776f9701b856e784dd21125ef173be} sativa and 60{a8a114054584091f731489c9021433cd0b776f9701b856e784dd21125ef173be} indica)

The THC (which is the psycho active cannabinoid) is also listed on the menu board for this particular strain it is 25.40{a8a114054584091f731489c9021433cd0b776f9701b856e784dd21125ef173be}
You will also see the availability of quantities sold next to each strain for example: G (gram) 1/8, ¼, ½, 1 oz.

You may also see CBD listed. CBD stands for Cannabidiol. CBD and THC are the most popular cannabinoids that most people recognize or are the most widely talked about. Cannabis is a complex plant with over 400 chemical entities of which more than 100 of them are cannabinoid compounds.

Right Menu Board

To the right of the flower menu is the menu board that displays all of our concentrates, pre-rolls, rosin, taffy bubble, kief, CCO and etc. We will get into these products individually as we begin to spotlight our products and give more detailed information about the product and uses for each one.

Left Menu Board

To the left of the flower menu board is our “edible” screen. This shows a basic pricing structure according to how many mg each “medicated food product” has.

Far Right Menu

Last but not least you will see one screen off to the right of these 3 screens that sits on a wall by itself. This screen shows all of our CBD Products that we have in stock.

Example: See below

Now that you have a better understanding of how to read our menu and understand the flower tiers, THC percentage, and how to read the strains, we hope this will help to make your experience more enjoyable.

Our goal is to highlight our existing products along with new product launches to pass along educational information to you the end consumer. Everything will be available in archive form if you happen to miss one of our Summit Spotlights.