The first product that we are going to be highlighting in our Summit Spotlight.

Summit Sérum is part of Summits Therapeutic Line.

  • 1 0z Hybrid Oil $70
  • THC: 300 mg/10mg per ml
  • 100% Organic


Other Ingredients include:

MCT Oil: Burns fat, good source of energy. Supports hormones, aids as an antiviral, antibacterial and, also supports immune health.

Avocado Oil: Lowers blood pressure, improves arthritis, helps reduce any joint pain, improves skin, improves heart health and lowers cholesterol, boosts nutrient absorption and reduces blood pressure.

Borage Oil: Offers anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that fight cancer, can also improve arthritis symptoms. Additionally, fights eczema and skin disorders, is great for hair and eyes, helps heal respiratory infections, aids in lowering fat accumulation and weight gain.

Black Cumin Oil: Cancer fighter, anti-inflammatory, diabetes, weight loss, hair and skin.

Vitamin E: All natural, helps absorb cannabinoids. Balances cholesterol, prevents disease development, repairs damaged skin, balances hormones.

This 1 oz. bottle packs many other natural oils into it along with also providing THC for a nice blend of healthy therapeutic oils. Together this blend is beneficial for our bodies to assist in keeping our immune systems healthy. This product may be used either during the day or at night. 1 dropper-full contains 10mg of THC and you can always cut back on the dose according to what would be the most suitable for your individual lifestyle.

This product is a great alternative and a nice discreet choice for those who do not wish to smoke or use a vaporizer. The onset time for this product is approximately 30-60minutes and you can expect duration to last between 4-8 hours.

Keep in mind the delivery method you choose will coincide with the duration time. The longer it takes a product to take effect, the longer it will last or give relief.